“Voyage Of Life” Showcases Fetal Development

The abortion industry and its allies use a variety of terms in an attempt to camouflage and obscure the horrific reality of their actions. Unborn babies are referred to as “pregnancy material,” “products of conception,” or even “a blob of tissue.” Abortion is relabeled as “reproductive health” or “family planning,” and the so-called “right” to abortion is euphemistically known as “the right to choose.”

Like Adam and Eve’s futile attempt to use fig leaves to conceal themselves from the Lord in the Garden of Eden, the abortion industry’s attempt to conceal the truth becomes futile when the scientific realities surrounding fetal development are revealed. The reason an ultrasound can be so effective in changing the mind and heart of an abortion-minded woman is that it clearly shows the woman that her baby is not a blob of tissue, but a living, moving human being.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute has created a helpful online resource that helps to display the truth about the unborn. Known as the Voyage of Life, this resource allows viewers to scroll through a webpage that details every stage of fetal development from conception to birth. In addition to outlining a great many facts about unborn babies, the Voyage of Life contains images of the unborn at each stage of development. Like an ultrasound, the Voyage of Life makes the personhood of the unborn abundantly clear.

Please view and share the Voyage of Life today.