The 2021 Legislative Session In Review

As we look back at events affecting New York politics and policy in 2021, Christian New Yorkers have a great deal to be thankful for.

While New Yorkers have experienced great difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic, and while some of those difficulties were made worse by onerous government mandates, we can be thankful that the most draconian mandates (for example, bans on non-essential gatherings and bans or capacity limits on church services) have been lifted. Also, we can be thankful that the Governor of New York no longer has broad emergency powers that allow for unfettered executive policymaking.

Christian New Yorkers can also be thankful that the various accusations against former Gov. Andrew Cuomo created major distractions that limited the number of bad bills that were passed in 2021. We can be thankful that the Pregnancy Center Report Bill, the physician-assisted suicide bill, the LGBT policies for nonpublic schools bill, the New York Health Act, and the legalization of prostitution bill failed to become law; however, the passage of recreational marijuana legislation may have far-reaching effects, and the Gender Recognition Act and the legalization of mobile sports betting are setbacks.

Furthermore, the voters’ rejection of the Democrats’ gerrymandering amendment to the State Constitution; the no-excuse absentee voting amendment, and the same-day voter registration amendment is cause for relief.

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