Suit Alleges Student Pressured To Adopt Transgender Identity

In an explosive lawsuit, two Long Island parents claim that a teacher pressured their nine-year-old daughter into using a male name and male pronouns in school.

According to the New York Post, the suit alleges that fifth-grade teacher Debra Rosenquist of Terryville Road Elementary School in Port Jefferson Station began calling the girl “Leo” and using male pronouns to describe her. The parents’ attorney asserts that the girl did not wish to alter her gender identity, but was pressured to do so by her teacher. The student’s parents contend that they were unaware of the situation until January 2022, when they were informed that their daughter had written “‘I wanna kill myself’” on a picture at school and had spoken with the school psychologist.

Other issues raised in the lawsuit include an allegation that Rosenquist “had been reported for abuse but that the school district had done nothing about it because she was tenured,” as well as an allegation that she “told kids to ‘try being gay’ or try going by the opposite gender.” The parents also claim that Rosenquist included LGBT-themed books—one of which she had authored—in her instruction.

According to the lawsuit, the female student in question has experienced bullying and trauma, while Rosenquist continues to teach in the district. The parents are suing the district for negligence.

It is hoped that court proceedings will reveal the truth about these disturbing allegations. No child should ever be led into gender confusion by an adult, whether in school or anywhere else.