Suggested September Prayer Needs

New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation invites our friends and supporters to lift the following prayers to the Lord during the month of September:

  • That students, faculty, staff and administrators returning to classrooms across the state would be protected from the spread of COVID-19 or any variants thereof;
  • That as America marks twenty years since 9/11/2001 we would heed the spiritual lessons the Lord wants us to learn;
  • That the people of NYC would be comforted following the devastation wrought by the remnants of Hurricane Ida;
  • That the Lord would use the Texas Heartbeat Act to save many lives;
  • That the Lord would give the Supreme Court of the United States wisdom, clarity, and courage in the coming months as it considers the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health and other abortion-related cases;
  • That the Lord would cause Planned Parenthood clinics to close and would cause more pro-life pregnancy centers to open;
  • That the Lord would powerfully intervene to protect the unborn children of the United States, and would frustrate the schemes of those who redouble their efforts to keep abortion legal and available;
  • That the Lord would protect persons with gender dysphoria—especially youths—from deception and from costly and dangerous medical procedures that will not truly solve their problems;
  • That the Lord would use recent political changes in New York to bring about His purposes;
  • That the Lord would lead and guide Gov. Kathy Hochul in her new role; and
  • That the Lord would raise up Americans with godly principles and godly character and place them in positions of political leadership,

Thank you for bringing these requests before the Lord.