Rest In Peace, Billy Graham

On February 21, 2018, after a life of faithful service to the Lord that spanned nearly 100 years, Rev. Billy Graham passed away. describes Rev. Graham as “the world’s most prominent Christian evangelist-preacher of the 20th century.” Rev. Graham was known for his evangelistic crusades, his service as a spiritual advisor to several Presidents of the United States, and his direct, accessible way of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Rev. Graham once said:

When I preach the Bible straight—no questions, no doubts, no hesitations—then God gives me a power that’s beyond me. When I declare, ‘The Bible says …’ God gives me this incredible power. It’s something I don’t completely understand. But people respond.

According to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Rev. Graham preached “to live audiences of more than 200 million people at 400-plus crusades and outreach missions in 185 countries and territories… Thousands of clergy and missionaries trace their spiritual lineage to him and the gospel he preached.” While Rev. Graham was imperfect just like the rest of us, there is no doubt that he was used by the Lord in an amazing way.

In 2005, when asked how he wanted to be remembered, Rev. Graham responded, “‘I want to be remembered as a person who was faithful to God, faithful to my family, faithful to the Scriptures, and faithful to my calling … a man who dedicated his life to the Lord and never looked back.’” That sounds about right.

We thank the Lord for the life and ministry of Rev. Billy Graham. Our prayers go out to his five children, his 19 grandchildren, his great-grandchildren, and all others who are grieving this loss.