Pro-Life Flag Seeks To Symbolize Sanctity Of Human Life Movement

Have you ever wondered why the pro-life movement doesn’t have its own flag?

If Will McFadden has his way, that could change.

McFadden recently created a website,, and worked with various pro-life groups and flag designers to hold a contest to recommend a design for such a flag. Following two online votes, a winner has been selected. The winning flag shows “pink and blue baby feet encircled by hands with a pink and blue stripe on a white background.”

According to WORLD, “McFadden and his team will promote the final design so more people will recognize the flag as a pro-life symbol.” asserts the following with regard to the design:

  1. While simple, the design of the Pro-Life Flag is highly symbolic of the pro-life message.
  2. The white background symbolizes non-violence in the womb as well as the innocence of the unborn child.
  3. The two baby feet represent the humanity of the unborn child. Baby feet have been a symbol associated with the pro-life movement since the iconic Precious Feet lapel pins were named the international pro-life symbol in 1979.
  4. The two pink hands represent the pregnant mother, holding and protecting her child.
  5. The white heart in between the feet symbolizes the pro-life movement’s love for both the mother and her child.
  6. The circle shape formed by the hands evoke imagery of a pregnant mother’s stomach, a safe, secure, protected place for a developing child.
  7. The two stripes again emphasize the TWO distinct human lives present in a pregnancy. The stripes also form an “equals sign,” stressing that the unborn child is equally and fully human, and therefore deserving of equal human rights. They can also represent the role of both the father and mother in creating and raising a child.
  8. The colors blue and pink mean different things to different people. Traditionally, they have been the colors associated with baby boys and girls, but the two distinct colors also reemphasize the two lives present in a pregnancy: mother and child.

New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation applauds the selection of a flag design. We pray that the design will communicate the pro-life message more clearly and help unify the movement not only here in America, but globally as well.