Parents, Not Politicians, Know What Is Best For Children

By Jason J. McGuire

I’m in my fourteenth legislative session this year. As I reflect on previous sessions, I recognize that each one has taken on a distinctive theme. In 2020, the issues pertinent to Christians and other social conservatives revolve around parental rights.

  • As Albany grapples with whether or not to allow women’s wombs to be rented for purposes of paid surrogacy, it is asking whether or not a mother matters in a child’s life. If it legalizes contractual surrogacy, the state becomes complicit in manufacturing motherless children.
  • In promoting mandatory sexual education, the state seeks to become the primary vehicle of a child’s understanding of human sexuality. It is a cruel instructor, however. The state teaches the pleasures of sin without warning of consequence.
  • On the issue of mandating that middle-school students receive vaccinations against an STD like HPV, the state assumes the sexual promiscuity of your child and that politicians, not parents, know what is in a child’s best interest.

Thankfully, none of these notions have become law—yet.

At the time of this writing, we are only two weeks away from our March 17 Legislative Day event in Albany, NY. You can still register at Parental rights will be front and center on this year’s agenda.


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Thank you for helping our organization defend your parental rights.

Jason J. McGuire is a veteran in the legislative fight in New York. As New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms’ Executive Director, McGuire lobbies the State Legislature regarding issues of religious freedom, and the pro-life, pro-family perspective. As President of New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation, he is working to educate social conservatives and other concerned New Yorkers on matters of public policy, enabling grassroots conservatives to engage the legislative and political process.