Pakistani Court Frees Asia Bibi

We have good news from Pakistan: Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who faced the death penalty due to trumped-up charges that she made disparaging comments about Mohammed, has prevailed on appeal. According to Family Research Council, Pakistan’s highest court recently found in Bibi’s favor and ruled that she be set free.

Bibi was imprisoned after being accused of violating Pakistan’s restrictive blasphemy laws. In 2009, a dispute arose between Bibi and other women when Bibi drank from a container of water. Her coworkers were—based on their branch of Islam—not allowed to drink from the same container. FRC indicates that Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are sometimes used to settle personal grievances. In any event, Bibi was convicted and given a death sentence. Thankfully, that sentence has now been reversed.

While the court’s decision is wonderful news, Bibi is not out of the woods yet. The court’s decision has led to unrest amongst hardline Muslims, some of whom have engaged in disruptive protests and called for the deaths of Bibi and of the judges who freed her. FRC reports that the situation in Pakistan is so unstable that private schools have been closed for reasons of safety.

Friends, please keep Asia Bibi, her husband, and their children in your prayers.