NYFRF Signs Promise to America’s Children

The nationwide effort aims to protect children’s minds, bodies, and hearts

Rochester, NY – New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation is proud to announce its support of the Promise to America’s Children, a 10-point pledge to protect children’s minds, bodies, and relationships with their parents.

Jason J. McGuire, President of New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation (NYFRF), made the following comments: “Our organization is pleased to support the Promise to America’s Children. Given the impending vote on the misleadingly named Equality Act (H.R. 5) in the U.S. House of Representatives, this initiative is a timely and much-needed one; the Equality Act would jeopardize many of the principles that underlie the Promise to America’s Children. New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation, is honored to participate in the Promise to America’s Children as a state partner.”

Written by The Heritage Foundation, Family Policy Alliance, and Alliance Defending Freedom, the pledge has received broad support from more than 50 state and national organizations, including New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation. A full list of endorsing organizations is available at the Promise website.

“Our world is perilous for children,” said Autumn Leva, Vice President for Strategy at Family Policy Alliance. “In media and at school, children are routinely exposed to explicit messages and images. Boys are allowed to play in girls’ sports, shattering girls’ opportunities and dreams. When children are struggling to embrace their biological sex, they are pushed to pursue dangerous cross-sex hormones and sterilizing surgery. And the Equality Act – which the U.S. House is poised to vote on this week – would use the full power of federal government to enshrine these practices nationwide.”

The Promise to America’s Children is intended both as a line in the sand against these dangers (particularly the federal Equality Act), and as a positive response to encourage Americans to stand up for their own children. On the initiative’s webpage, parents are encouraged to sign a pledge to protect their own child’s mind, body, and heart, while policymakers are asked to sign the 10-point pledge detailing specific objectives to protect children. These objectives include:

  • Protecting children from exposure to pornography, explicit content, and promotion of abortion and gender ideology in the classroom
  • Supporting children’s ability to pursue counseling that affirms their biological sex
  • Protecting children in sex-specific areas such as showers and locker rooms.
  • Upholding girls’ opportunity to compete on their own playing field in sports
  • Protecting parental rights, including at school

The full list is available here.

“We encourage policymakers and parents alike to visit PromiseToAmericasChildren.org today and sign on. Kids are kids, and they should be allowed to be kids without being assailed by obscene or politicized messaging about gender and sexuality,” concluded McGuire.