NYFRF Seeks To Make Major Impact On Mid-Term Elections

No doubt you’ve heard that Governor Andrew Cuomo handily bested his opponent in the Democratic Primary. The real story though, is the Democratic turnout in that race—27% (or 1.5 million Democrats) showed up to the polls on Primary Day. That was more than double the turnout at the last statewide Democratic Primary. In 2014, 573,350 (or about 10%) of Democrats came out to vote. The 2018 numbers were more comparable to presidential primary numbers, than a statewide race. 

There is no question about it, the Democrats are fired up to vote!

What about the Republican base? It’s hard to say, because there was no statewide GOP primary to compare to Democratic numbers. However, in districts where there were Republican primaries, GOP turnout was higher, but not at the same level as Democratic turnout.   


It cannot be overstated just how consequential this midterm election is for our state and the nation.  Newsday says, “The Democrats’ road to recapturing a majority in the U.S. House may well run through New York State, which has some of the country’s most competitive races this November, political experts say.”

Our ultimate hope is never in the next election, but as we think about the future for our kids and grandkids, we know that elections matter! The Lord has entrusted liberty to our care, and we want to be wise stewards of it.

That’s why it’s essential that dedicated pro-life, pro-family and pro-freedom voters like yourself are informed about the candidates and their positions on the issues prior to the General Election on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

Our team is in full preparation mode for the 2018 General Election Voter Guide. An undertaking such as this is costly, in terms of both time and financial resources, but it is a worthy investment! It’s paramount that New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation produces these church-friendly, nonpartisan, educational materials for voters across our great state.

We can partner together and do something bigger than any one of us! Together, we can produce incredible resources and distribute print and online versions of our voter guides across New York through a network of churches and organizations that NYFRF is strategically positioned to best reach.


Would you join us and prayerfully consider coming alongside NYFRF? Help us raise the much-needed funds to get our 2018 General Election Voter Guide live!

Some of you can give a significant tax-deductible gift in support of this effort, and candidly, we need it right now! Our goal is to raise $100,000 to fund the technological platform, printing and promotion of our voter guide. We cannot make this significant effort possible without the partnership of friends like you! Your prayers and financial support undergird this project. 

Together, let’s do something bigger than any one of us could do alone!