NYFRF Announces $150,000 Year-End Challenge

Thank you for being a supporter of New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation—especially during this past year.

As you may already know, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms (NYCF), our affiliated lobbying arm, advocates for public policy that protects human life, promotes strong families, preserves religious liberty and proclaims the biblical concepts of justice and mercy, while New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation (NYFRF) educates, equips and empowers New Yorkers to engage their government.

This year’s plans included retiring the remainder of our office mortgage, renovating the main floor of our office building, launching a civic engagement academy and providing the state’s most comprehensive voter guide—all while continuing to advocate in the State Capitol and with New York’s congressional delegation in Washington, D.C. However, the pandemic put a crimp in some of those plans.

In early March, COVID-19 forced us to cancel Legislative Day, our largest fundraising event of the year. The following months meant many more cancellations, including most of my speaking engagements and regional briefings. This was a significant loss of income for our organization. We decided to curtail as many programs as we could that would not significantly hinder our organization’s mission and focus on what we could accomplish in the present environment. In an effort to conserve a steady cashflow in uncertain times, we postponed retiring our mortgage until at least late 2021. The result is that NYFRF was well positioned to aid the churches and Christian schools we represent as they learned new ways to minister remotely and eventually re-open, while continuing our work with elected officials. Though it was not the plan we desired for 2020, we’re thankful for the Father’s guidance through it all.

NYFRF has always strived to be a nimble organization, one able to quickly pivot and adapt to changing circumstances. Our team is used to working remotely and collaborating across the state. This is often a helpful characteristic as we deal with legislative matters, but we had never faced a time that would stretch and challenge us as much as this year has.


We counseled hundreds of pastors, aided thousands of churches implementing Albany’s pandemic directives and helped private schools safely welcome back students for in-person instruction. We were also able to finish the renovations on the main floor of our office building, release our 2020 voter guide and hold a school board training class ahead of this year’s school board elections—while continuing to monitor legislative sessions remotely.

Now, we’re preparing to launch out into 2021. There are more challenges ahead. The Capitol remains closed to the public and our legislative chaplain will not be allowed direct access to the legislative members. We’ll have to be creative again as we seek to build relationships with so many new members following this November’s election. It’s one thing to minister remotely to people you know, but it’s a different challenge to build trust and serve those whom you have not yet met. It will mean that I will be spending much more time traversing the state and meeting one-on-one with elected officials in their district offices.

Next year, the Legislature is lurching further leftward under a Democratic supermajority in both legislative chambers. We expect renewed attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers and a major push for assisted suicide. Meanwhile, conservatives will be working to rein in the extraordinary powers the Legislature handed Governor Andrew Cuomo at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis.

Additionally, we will not be able to host our annual Legislative Day or any of our in-person briefings during at least the first half of the new year. We are hopeful to resume more of these in-person gatherings as governmental restrictions are loosened. For these reasons, it is important that we end 2020 on solid fiscal footing.

We are presently developing our ability to more effectively and professionally use video to advocate for our values, educate our community, and empower them to become more involved—albeit remotely—with our work in Albany. This was a plan we were already pursuing, but the pandemic has accelerated those plans.


Before the end of this year, our organization seeks to raise $150,000. A generous group of donors has stepped forward to commit the first $75,000, but that means there is another $75,000 needed to match their donations and meet this goal. Would you partner with us? I do not know how your personal economic situation may have been impacted by the pandemic, but I would ask you to pray about your involvement and consider how the Lord might have you participate in this endeavor.

Tax-deductible gifts can be made in the form of bonds, returns from an annual IRA, cash, checks, and credit card donations. Donors may even give gifts of stock by electronic transfer. If you choose this last option, please visit NewYorkFamilies.org/Stock for needed information. It is helpful if you can notify our offices of your stock gift so that we can properly credit your account.

We’re also pleased to inform you that we partner with the National Christian Foundation (NCF). In small businesses and big corporate offices across America, NCF helps generous men and women have a lasting impact on the world around them. For those who would like to maximize tax-deductible giving and kingdom impact, you’ll find our organization identified as the “New York Families Single-Charity Fund” (#2296090) at NCFGiving.com.

All checks must be dated and postmarked by December 31 to be tax-deductible in 2020, and all online transactions and electronic transfers must be completed before midnight on December 31 to be considered tax-deductible in 2020. For your convenience, you may contribute online at NewYorkFamilies.org/Donate.

Our vision is a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished. Your tax-deductible gifts help advance this hope for New York and the nation. God has given us the privilege and the responsibility of declaring good tidings of great joy, to all people—even elected officials. Thank you for helping us faithfully advocate for your pro-life and pro-family values in Albany, NY and Washington, DC throughout 2020 and into 2021.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, friends.