North Tonawanda, NY – Earlier this evening, the North Tonawanda Common Council blocked a proposed resolution that maligned New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation. Jason J. McGuire, President of New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation (NYFRF), made the following remarks: “New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation (NYFRF) applauds the North Tonawanda Common Council for rejecting the resolution submitted by Alderman-at-Large Austin Tylec (D) this evening. This resolution attacked State Senate Minority Leader Rob Ortt (R-North Tonawanda) for having made a donation to NYFRF in connection with an event we held in Western New York. The resolution quoted State Sen. Brad Hoylman (D-Manhattan), who falsely described New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation (NYFRF) as ‘a well-known homophobic organization that peddles hate against LGBTQ people.’ It is unsettling that so many left-leaning voices in 21st century America fail to distinguish between hatred and principled disagreement. Thankfully, the Common Council saw through this cancel culture effort.”

McGuire added, “NYFRF will continue to uphold Christian principles regarding marriage, family, and sexuality, and will continue to display Christian charity toward everyone—including those who hold perspectives that differ from ours.”

NYFRF’s letter to the Common Council can be viewed here.

Founded in 1990, NYFRF is a nonprofit charity pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. NYFRF exists to educate, encourage, and equip Christians for effective participation in New York State government.