New Polling Offers Support For School Choice

A recent poll of New York residents by EdChoice shows solid support for school choice here in the Empire State. The poll revealed the following data:

  • An education savings account (ESA) allows parents to save money for their children’s primary and secondary education. Seventy percent of adults, including 79% of school parents, support ESAs.
  • School vouchers give parents the freedom and flexibility to use public funds to send their children to whichever school they choose, regardless of whether that school is public or private. Sixty-three percent of adults, including 75% of school parents, support vouchers.
  • Charter schools are non-traditional public schools that are not controlled by local school districts and are not required to follow most public school regulations. Sixty-four percent of adults, including 75% of school parents, support charter schools.
  • 52% of school parents would prefer that their children spend at least one day per week being educated at home.
  • 58% of school parents would prefer to have their children educated outside of traditional public schools.

It is telling that parents of school-aged children are more supportive of school choice than the general population. Parents whose children are attending school have a greater stake in education policy than other New Yorkers. Such parents may also have direct and recent experience about the effectiveness of various educational options.

Given these poll results, New York lawmakers are on solid ground when they support homeschooling, Christian schools, private schools, and charter schools.