Imagine this scenario: You go to your favorite local coffee shop. You buy coffee and crepes. And an employee of the coffee shop curses at you, calls you “bigoted trash,” tells you that you are not wanted at the coffee shop, and states that you will be refused service if you ever come back.

That is what happened to Marilyn Synek.

Synek works as a communications specialist at Nebraska Family Alliance, a Christian organization allied with New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation. While visiting a local coffee shop that she frequently patronizes, Synek encountered a coffee shop employee who recognized her as an opponent of pro-LGBT legislation. The employee—a biological male who identifies as “transgender”—went on a vulgar and very public tirade, berating Synek for her beliefs.

The employee was fired, and Synek received an apology from coffee shop management; she is welcome to return. (The fired employee, however, is playing the victim in the media and justifying his behavior on the grounds that he was upset about an LGBT legislative battle with the Nebraska Family Alliance and—unbelievably—that he was getting over a cold at the time of the incident.)

Synek’s editorial about the incident is well worth reading, and her handling of the entire situation is commendable. Sadly, the increasing polarization in the country makes it likely that things like this will happen to Christians more and more often.