Manipulating The Meaning Of Mother

The toxic combination of morally unrestrained science and morally unrestrained sexual behavior continues to lead to more and more bizarre consequences.

According to the New York Post, a mother recently gave birth to a child that had been carried by her and by her same-sex partner. A new method of in vitro fertilization known as Effortless Reciprocal IVF was used. The report indicates that doctors extracted the eggs of one woman and artificially inseminated them with donor sperm. The fertilized eggs were placed in a device called an INVOcell, and the INVOcell was placed in the woman’s cervix for five days. The embryo was then taken out of the first woman and placed in her partner’s uterus. That partner later gave birth to the baby. The Post adds that this new variety of IVF is “a game-changer for same-sex couples [who] both want to play a role in pregnancy.”

New Yorke’s Family Research Foundation s is thankful that the child appears to be physically healthy in spite of the circumstances surrounding his birth. However, we are grieved that our culture increasingly manipulates both human life and the institution of the family based upon personal preferences instead of understanding both to be gifts from God.