The Lord’s Hand Is In The Timing Of Our Lives

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

-Ecclesiastes 3:1-

By Jason J. McGuire, President

Last month, my family and I were on vacation when we received a message that there was a water leak in the office. Apparently, the pipe had burst sometime over the weekend. By the time it was discovered Monday, water had filled the kitchen and was flowing into the lower level.

It wasn’t how I planned to spend my time off, but when emergencies arise you do what you’ve got to do. The joy in the midst of this interruption was seeing Micah (my son who is interested in construction trades and pictured above) take charge of the demolition. As parents, it gives us great joy to see our children mature into the men and women God has designed them to be.

The timing of this incident was not one that our organization would have sought, but we are thankful that we had not yet begun the major renovations we intend for this portion of the office. At NYFRF, we were reminded to look for the Lord’s timing in even the very mundane matters of life and ministry.




Speaking of timing, we are watching the leaves begin to change. Colder weather is clearly on the way. Before the first frost, our organization needs to replace our driveway, put in a drain, and repair some masonry work. We have found a contractor who can complete the necessary work in time, but he needs to fit us in this week. The cost of the driveway replacement, drain installation and masonry repair will be $10,000. (This is an increase from the earlier $8,000 proposal as additional necessary work was discovered.)

As a non-profit ministry coming off the annual decline in giving that occurs during the summer months, we would not have chosen this timing for any of these projects. Nevertheless, we believe that the Lord knows the need. So we’re putting it before God’s people in anticipation of seeing what God will do through friends and supporters like you.

I recognize that to see this kind of need met this week is a tall order, but God is able. Can I count on your support? Tax-deductible donations can be made online or mailed to: NYFRF, PO Box 131, Spencerport, NY 14559.

Thank you for your generosity toward this important work.