The Center for Childhood Innocence

Protecting children from false ideologies and those who would indoctrinate them


What is the Center for Childhood Innocence?

The Center for Childhood Innocence (CCI) will inform its audience on the impact various cultural trends and governmental actions may have on children, parents, and schools. CCI will begin by exposing issues related to comprehensive sex education, gender ideology, and similar educational concerns.


What’s Really in the Expanded Sex Education Effort?

From Faith Under Fire - Episode 79 - January 1, 2022

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Age Verification Leads To Decline In Pornographic Viewing

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The War on Parents: State Ed Doubles Down on Gender Ideology

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CDC Survey Yields Disturbing Results About Adolescent Sexuality

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New Polling Offers Support For School Choice

A recent poll of New York residents by EdChoice shows solid support for school choice here in the Empire State. ...
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Suit Alleges Student Pressured To Adopt Transgender Identity

In an explosive lawsuit, two Long Island parents claim that a teacher pressured their nine-year-old daughter into using ...
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Your Student and Sex Positivity

All kids learn about sex. Whether in a public, private, charter school, or even through your homeschooling, most ...
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"The Center for Childhood Innocence, aims to provide our audience with the information needed to stand up for the protection of children, the protection of childhood innocence, and the protection of parental rights.”

- John Sanford, president and founder of Feed My Sheep


Children are being exposed to hyper-sexualized content in schools. They are also being indoctrinated with harmful and untrue beliefs regarding gender. For the sake of protecting children, instruction such as Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and Gender Ideology must stop. These two issues are intimately related because most CSE programs aggressively promote gender ideology. Our aim is to bring awareness to the reality of these issues, expose the harms they present, and encourage families to protect their kids.

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