Five Questions For The Christian To Consider This Election

Recently, the Regional Transformation Initiative invited Jason J. McGuire, president of New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation and executive director of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, to sit down with five of its members and discuss topics pertinent to the Body of Christ, particularly at election season. The Regional Transformation Initiative is a gathering of Christian leaders in the greater Rochester region who have a common vision to use biblical principles to equip and activate people to bring transformation and reformation to their spheres of influence.

Those leaders are Pastor David Branch of Faith Chapel (Churchville, NY), Bob Grant a local businessman and entrepreneur, Pastor Phil Harlow of Bridge Builders Ministries (Rochester, NY), Pastor Al Hauck of Friend of God Ministries and Shepherd’s Heart Christian Fellowship (Rochester, NY) and Pastor Emelio Sebastian of Jubilee Christian Church (Brockport, NY).

Topics discussed, include:

1. Should the Christian be involved with the politics of this world?

2. What should the Church’s response be to the cultural chaos around us?

3. How should the Christian view political parties?

4. What is the Christian to do when the candidates on the ballot don’t reflect all of their values?

5. In a pivotal moment, where societal foundations seem to be crumbling, what can the Christian do?

Thank you for exercising the wise stewardship of your civic responsibilities in this and every election.

Additional voter information pertinent to the 2022 General Elections and get-out-the-vote promotional materials are available here.