A recent post from David Prentice and Tara Sander Lee at Townhall.com exposes and debunks an attempt by researchers to obtain federal tax dollars for coronavirus research on tissues derived from aborted babies.

According to WORLD, “the Trump administration does not allow scientists from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to conduct research on fetal tissue, nor does it fund outside experiments using specimens from aborted babies. Immunologist Kim Hasenkrug at the NIH Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Montana appealed for an exemption from the rule. He wants to test treatments for COVID-19 on mice that non-NIH scientists engineered to have humanlike lungs. The mice were developed using human fetal tissue.”

Prentiss and Lee explain that it is not necessary to use aborted babies for research on potential coronavirus treatments. Thankfully, more than 60 potential coronavirus treatments that do not involve aborted fetal issue are already being investigated. Prentiss and Lee note that one potential coronavirus treatment involves research on genetically engineered mice, another involves a frequently-used malaria treatment, and still another involves an adult stem cell that stimulates the growth of new lung tissue. Some of these research projects are already undergoing clinical trials.

New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation is pleased to hear that ethical research projects are underway regarding potential coronavirus treatments. However, even if no such projects were being pursued, we would still support the Trump Administration’s current ban on federal funding for research on aborted fetal tissue. Abortion is an evil act, and the federal government should not signify its approval of that act by funding research that uses the dead bodies of abortion victims.