A Capitol Report From Our Legislative Chaplain

Dale Walker

Pastor Dale Walker, Legislative Chaplain

With the 2018 Legislative Session quickly approaching, I am busy writing Bible studies and preparing to reach out to state legislators with the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ. In case you didn’t realize it, our legislative session begins in January and ends in June. Our weekly Prayer Breakfasts and Bible Studies will resume on January 9, 2018.

Some legislators to whom we have been ministering ran for higher office this year. Two of them were successful. In addition, three members of our legislature to whom I ministered in the past are now serving in the U.S. Congress in Washington. This shows the value of trying to reach people at lower levels of government with the Gospel. Someday, they may be promoted to greater responsibilities.




I recently spent four days in Washington, D.C. participating in a conference with many legislative chaplain colleagues from across the country—and even a few from other nations. I was able to testify about how much having a prayer team can benefit a ministry and open wonderful doors for the Gospel. As a result, several people decided that they want to copy what we have been doing in Albany and start their own prayer teams!


  • For me to prepare solid Bible studies which will help our legislators come to Christ for salvation and to grow in grace and knowledge.
  • For God to prepare the hearts of legislators to receive Christ, and their willingness to attend our weekly Bible studies.
  • For favor as I schedule appointments to meet with unreached members of the Legislature.
  • One of my goals this year is to challenge legislators who have been coming to our weekly studies to grow in their relationship with God. I am preparing fifteen studies for them called “Responding to the Callings of God”. Please pray for God to anoint these studies and help these men and women to become mature Christians.
  • For unity and love among the very diverse group of members who have been coming to our weekly Bible studies. The Lord has been sending us Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, and people from many different ethnicities. They differ wildly on political matters, but they also understand that they need God in their lives. They are learning to love and respect one another. This is something sorely needed in today’s overheated political climate.

Let’s get a head start on 2018 by covering our legislators with PRAYER and asking God to move in their lives!




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