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California Resolution Calls On Religious To Reject Biblical Teaching

In 2012, the State of California made it unlawful for counselors to assist minor clients in overcoming unwanted same-sex attraction. Last year, an even more draconian ban on such therapy was proposed, but was withdrawn by its sponsor following effective opposition.

Unfortunately, the effort to further marginalize reparative therapy has continued.

On June 25, 2019, the California State Assembly passed a resolution “calling on religious leaders and others with ‘moral influence’ to affirm homosexuality and transgenderism.” According to WORLD, the resolution “asks counselors, pastors, churches, educators, schools, legislators, and others to avoid supporting traditional and Biblical views of sexuality, which the measure claims can cause suicide and depression.”

Thankfully, some Christians are pushing back. Dozens of pastors and Christian leaders signed a letter opposing the resolution. According to the letter, “Religious leaders have the constitutionally protected right to teach religious doctrine in accordance with their faith, and politicians have no right to tell clergy what is moral, dictate the content of their sermons, or instruct them in religious counseling.”

While the proposed resolution does not have the force of law, and while it has not yet passed the Senate, its passage points to a deep misconception on the part of the California State Assembly about the state’s relationship with the church.