On October 24, 2020, Bishop William Love announced his resignation as Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany.

Bishop Love has led the Diocese of Albany since 2007. During his entire tenure, he has bravely upheld the Biblical definition of marriage despite his denomination’s rebellious and heretical embrace of same-sex “marriage.” In 2018, the Episcopal Church passed a resolution requiring that Episcopal clergy be allowed to officiate at same-sex “weddings” even if the bishops of their respective dioceses disapprove. In so doing, the Episcopal Church forced Bishop Love to choose between following God’s Word and following the teachings of his denomination. Bishop Love chose God’s Word.

After he continued to forbid Episcopal clergy of the Albany Diocese from officiating at same-sex “weddings,” Bishop Love was brought up on church disciplinary charges and subjected to an ecclesiastical trial. On October 5, 2020, a panel of Episcopal clergy found that Love had violated Episcopal doctrine and rules by directing the clergy of the Albany Diocese to refrain from officiating at same-sex “weddings.” Bishop Love expressed disappointment with the decision, but exhorted his flock to trust the Lord regardless of that decision. The bishop added that he had “‘no reason to believe that appealing the Hearing Panel’s Decision would result in any different outcome.’” Bishop Love then resigned pursuant to a disciplinary agreement with Episcopal Church authorities. His resignation is scheduled to become effective February 1, 2021. Sadly, the Episcopal Church has made its position on marriage quite clear: It supports same-sex “marriage,” and any leaders who dissent are no longer welcome.

In 2018, Bishop Love asserted that Episcopalians who support same-sex “marriage” “‘have been deceived into believing a lie that has been planted in the Church by the “great deceiver” – Satan.’” Bishop Love was right.