On October 2, 2020, a disciplinary panel of the Episcopal Church found that Bishop William Love of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany had violated church rules and doctrines. Bishop Love’s offense? Refusing to allow same-sex “weddings” at Episcopal churches within the Albany Diocese.

New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation has previously commented on the ecclesiastical disciplinary process to which Bishop Love has been subjected. During his 13-year tenure as Bishop of Albany, Bishop Love has firmly stood for Biblical truth regarding the institution of marriage despite the blatantly heretical position taken by the larger Episcopal Church.

According to the Albany Times Union, the author of the disciplinary panel’s report found Bishop Love in violation of Resolution B012, a 2018 Episcopal Church resolution that directs bishops not to ban same-sex “weddings.” Of course, the much larger issue is that Resolution B012 not only breaks with the Word of God in regard to the definition of marriage and the appropriate context for sexual expression, but also overrides the authority of any Episcopal bishop who might hold to a Biblically based understanding of marriage, family and sexuality. Bishop Love has stated that a hearing to determine his punishment is expected to be scheduled in the coming weeks.

In Acts 5, Peter and the other apostles were brought before the Jewish authorities because they insisted on sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in the temple. In Acts 5:28, the high priest asked them, “Did not we straitly command you that ye should not teach in [Jesus’] name?” Peter and the other apostles responded, “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29b). Bishop Love has similarly chosen to follow the will of the Lord rather than leading his flock into error by following corrupt and wayward religious leaders. May the Lord bless, honor, and protect him and all of the other authentic Christ followers that remain within the Episcopal Church.