New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation is pleased to provide an update from our friend and brother in Christ, Dr. David Kim.

Dr. Kim and his wife, Dr. Janet Kim, use their training to treat patients at Beacon Christian Community Health Center (BCCHC). Located in Staten Island, New York, BCCHC is a not-for-profit community health center that “shares the love of Jesus by providing quality, affordable health and wellness care.” Clearly, the Lord has equipped the Kims to work on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis, and that is exactly what they are doing. They and their staff are treating COVID-19 patients, investigating rapid testing options, researching antibiotic treatments for COVID-19, recruiting students and medical professionals to help during the crisis, encouraging exhausted doctors, and sharing the Gospel.

Here is a snapshot of Dr. David Kim’s recent experiences during the coronavirus crisis, which he was kind enough to share with us:

  • Dr. Kim has walked “through the hallways of coronavirus-positive designated floors” at hospitals. He says, “On the one hand, I was able to thank God for being able to send both of my coronavirus-positive patients there home, which is unfortunately not as common as we all would hope.  On the other hand, as I walked through, I also talked to numerous nurses and residents there, as well as one of the chief residents, himself a Christian.  He and the other staff unanimously noted that morale is at an all-time low… I have been talking with and encouraging our attending friends in the ED, ICU and on the floors.”
  • Dr. Kim was asked by a hospital official to talk to more than 60 residents at that hospital because they were beginning to burn out. He reported that “it was heartbreaking to see how stressed out they were on that Zoom call, short of PPE, going in multiple times to care for dying, infected patients without fresh protection.  As I was ministering to these residents, who come from every walk of life and culture and religion, I was realizing that the only way I could really help them was frankly to share the Gospel with them.  And so I did.”
  • One of Dr. Kim’s patients needed follow-up on a routine medical ailment. As the session ended, Dr. Kim felt led to say, “‘Look, you just washed your hands, I just put my sanitizer on, and we are both well.  Let me shake your hand.’ The patient broke into tears.  He said, ‘I haven’t had the chance to touch someone’s hand in two weeks.’”
  • Dr. Kim saw a non-Christian patient who had been sent home by another medical provider because he was not “sick enough” for treatment. By the time Dr. Kim saw him, the patient exhibited coronavirus symptoms, so Dr. Kim prescribed antibiotics. The man felt guilty because he believed it was his fault that his wife had become ill. Dr. Kim offered to pray with him, and the patient accepted.

Dr. Kim shared the following insights with us: “In the never-ending parade of coronavirus coverage, the media is telling many personal stories of people, especially healthcare workers,” who are going through the valley of the shadow of death. “Through them, we see and hear many who are physically, mentally or spiritually dying in that valley.  But the media is not telling enough stories of people who are not just surviving, but thriving in the valley.  It is our ongoing prayer and hope that our story shows that we are still trusting in a God who is our perfect Shepherd—even as we walk obediently through the valley of the shadow of death.”

You can learn more about Beacon Community Christian Health Center on the ministry’s website, contact them here, or follow their Facebook page.