Back To School Resource Helps Parents Advocate For Their Kids

As school-aged children return to classes this fall, Christian parents—especially parents with children in public schools—face a potential minefield of challenging issues.

In addition to the continuing battle with the COVID-19 pandemic and its Delta variant, Christian parents must be on their guard to prevent schools from brainwashing or bullying their children into accepting ideologies that are at odds with Christianity.

Is this an exaggeration? Consider the following possibilities:

  • Schools presenting children with “comprehensive sex education,” beginning in kindergarten, that trains children to view premarital sex, homosexual behavior, and transgenderism as normal and healthy;
  • School personnel forbidding students from forming a Bible club;
  • Schools allowing students to crossdress and use opposite-sex names at school and keeping parents in the dark about their children’s “transgender” behavior;
  • Schools allowing Planned Parenthood to “educate” students about sexuality and reproduction;
  • Teachers reading children’s books about homosexuality and transgenderism to young children;
  • Schools requiring girls to share restroom and locker room facilities with biological males who identify as “transgender”, or to compete against biological males in sports; or
  • Schools facilitating contraceptive access for students.

Friends, each of these scenarios can happen at American schools. In some schools, some of these scenarios are routine occurrences.

To equip parents to address these challenging situations, Family Policy Alliance and Focus on the Family have developed a helpful resource entitled “Back to School for Parents.” The resource is described as “a busy parent’s guide to what’s happening in your children’s classrooms and practical steps you can take to protect them.” “Back to School for Parents” covers concerns that may arise in the context of instruction, school health and counseling services, sports teams, and student organizations, among other areas. On each topic, “Back to School for Parents” offers Christian parents specific guidance on how to respectfully and effectively advocate for their children.

Please click here to download your free copy of “Back to School for Parents” today.