Announcing The Center For Childhood Innocence

Rochester, NY—New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation (NYFRF) is actively working to replicate its efforts, expand its reach and collaborate with others to go in depth on a few primary issues. In that spirit, we are pleased to announce that NYFRF has entered a collaboration with Feed My Sheep Foundation (FMS), a New York-based non-profit organization that researches and publishes information in support of a biblical worldview. This joint venture will be identified as the Center for Childhood Innocence (CCI).

John Sanford, president and founder of Feed My Sheep, said, “We’re thrilled to partner with New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation. Like NYFRF, Feed My Sheep is concerned about child welfare and parental rights. Our collaborative project, the Center for Childhood Innocence, aims to provide our audience with the information needed to stand up for the protection of children, the protection of childhood innocence, and the protection of parental rights.”

The Center for Childhood Innocence (CCI) will inform its audience on the impact various cultural trends and governmental actions may have on children, parents, and schools. CCI will begin by exposing issues related to comprehensive sex education, gender ideology, and similar educational concerns.

Jason J. McGuire, president of NYFRF, said, “At present, each school district has the freedom to choose what it will teach, in terms of sex education and gender studies. This allows parents to work with their school boards and help guide the curricula toward common family values. However, with bills such as S.2584-A-Brouk/A.6616-Nolan currently in the State Legislature’s respective education committees, we are concerned that a comprehensive sex education mandate could soon be coming to New York’s schools. With these bills, district-level control will disappear, and every public and charter school will be required to teach information that most families would regard as inappropriate and even harmful.”

Kerry McMillan, researcher at FMS, added, “Comprehensive sex education (CSE) erodes certain values by undermining a family’s deeply held cultural and religious principles. It teaches anything-goes sexuality, encouraging sexual behaviors entirely outside the context of age, commitment, love, marriage, or biological sex. CSE also overtly promotes gender confusion by teaching every child, starting in kindergarten, that gender is a spectrum and is just a subjective experience, completely unrelated to their biological sex. It profoundly undermines parental authority and disregards parental rights.”

New York’s pending bills would eliminate parental opt-out for all lessons regarding sexuality and gender, preserving parental opt-out only for lessons regarding HIV and AIDS. 

“Over the coming weeks and months, the Center for Childhood Innocence will be releasing more information on these topics and opportunities for likeminded allies to get involved. Stay tuned so you can remain informed and stand up for New York’s children,” concluded McGuire.