Election 2022: Every Vote Matters

On November 8, 2022, elections will be held for the following offices: Governor and Lieutenant Governor of New York, U.S. Senator, New York State Attorney General, New York State Comptroller, U.S. House of Representatives (26 seats), New York State Senate (63 seats), New York State Assembly (150 seats), and various judgeships and local offices.

This page is New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms’ voter information page pertaining to the November 8 elections. It is vitally important that Christian New Yorkers make it a priority to vote, and to vote our values. Please use this page as an informational resource, and please circulate it to your friends and family.

To find out which offices are to be filled in your area, please see below or utilize the New York State Voter Lookup Tool. Utilizing this tool will help voters find information on polling places and times, as well as identify the legislative districts in which they reside.

Sample ballots are often available on your county’s Board of Elections website. Readers can find their county’s BOE website here.

Please note that due to legislative redistricting, boundaries for congressional districts, State Senate districts, and State Assembly districts have changed since the last time you voted. To view the new maps, please visit latfor.state.ny.us/maps/.

Early voting begins October 29, 2022 and continues until November 6, 2022.

Statewide Races

For information on statewide races, please click the links below.

Governor and Lieutenant Governor of New York

UPDATE: During the candidates’ October 25, 2022 debate, Gov. Kathy Hochul stated that she supported raising the cap on the number of charter schools in New York City. NYFRF’s voter guide, which was completed prior to the debate, listed Gov. Hochul’s position on this issue as “unknown.”

U.S. Senator

New York State Attorney General

New York State Comptroller

Download The 2022 Gubernatorial Voter Guide

Congressional Races

To properly identify which congressional district a voter resides in, utilize the New York State Voter Lookup Tool. To view nonpartisan voter guides for the elections to each of the 26 New York seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, please click the links below.

New York’s 1st Congressional District

New York’s 2nd Congressional District

New York’s 3rd Congressional District

New York’s 4th Congressional District

New York’s 5th Congressional District

New York’s 6th Congressional District

New York’s 7th Congressional District

New York’s 8th Congressional District

New York’s 9th Congressional District

New York’s 10th Congressional District

New York’s 11th Congressional District

New York’s 12th Congressional District

New York’s 13th Congressional District

New York’s 14th Congressional District

New York’s 15th Congressional District

New York’s 16th Congressional District

New York’s 17th Congressional District

New York’s 18th Congressional District

New York’s 19th Congressional District

New York’s 20th Congressional District

New York’s 21st Congressional District

New York’s 22nd Congressional District

New York’s 23rd Congressional District

New York’s 24th Congressional District

New York’s 25th Congressional District

New York’s 26th Congressional District

State Senate Races

To properly identify which state senate district a voter resides in, utilize the New York State Voter Lookup Tool. For information on selected New York State Senate races, please click the links below:

New York’s 1st State Senate District

New York’s 5th State Senate District

New York’s 7th State Senate District

New York’s 9th State Senate District

New York’s 38th State Senate District

New York’s 43rd State Senate District

New York’s 44th State Senate District

New York’s 52nd State Senate District

New York’s 61st State Senate District

Ballot Proposals

New Yorkers will also vote on a ballot measure this year. The ballot measure is known as Proposal Number One, the Clean Water, Clean Air, and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act of 2022. The Environmental Bond Act would authorize the state of New York to incur debt and sell government bonds worth a total of $4.2 billion to fund projects that protect the environment.

The ballot measure will be located on the back side of voters’ ballots.

You can find more information about Proposal One here.

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